The Forum for Youth Investment routinely maintains the property by paying for pre-emptive projects to improve the facility and performing all necessary repairs that an historic mansion requires. (Donations to the Cady-Lee are dedicated to these repairs and improvements.)

The 2010-2011 Renovation of the Cady-Lee

In addition to the full restoration of the Cady-Lee in 2001, the Forum invested in a noteworthy renovation project in 2011. The non-profit hired the general contractor, Thomas Archer LLC, to implement the renovation project. Listed below and as shown in the pictures, are the highlights of this impressive major renovation:

  • Fixed the roof and renovated the gutters and third floor sleeping porch
  • Repaired rotted timbers, posts, and beams to improve the structural integrity of the house and safety
  • Renovated and replaced posts and railings on all decks for safety and structural reasons
  • Repaired siding and all window frames
  • Prepared and painted the entire house, ensuring protection from water damage

2000-2001 Restoration of the Cady-Lee

The following craftsmen and artisans are responsible for the 2000-2001 full restoration of the Cady-Lee:
Architect: Karen McK.
Wood Color Consultation: Colors By Zoe, Zoe Kyriacos
Mural: Custom Artworks/Creative Solutions by Mary Jennings
Chimney Work: Widner Chimney, Donnell Hall
New Roof: Paul Oberg
Exterior Carpentry and Kitchen: C&C
Construction Tree Work: Charlie Seek Services
Stained Glass Repair and Cleaning: Vitreau Arts, Steven Stanisic
Heating/AC: Primary Multicraft [formerly M. Pierre]
Exterior Painting: Carlos Espinoza Interior Painting (3rd Floor): Santo Flores Interior Painting (1st Floor): Brush in Hand, Harvey Scott
Tile Work: Rubin Oscar Saavedra
Interior Carpentry and Indispensable Handyman: Wilk V. Saback
Plumbing: Eastern Supply, Mr. Jun
Electrical: Steve O'Electric, Steve Jones
Wallpaper Hanging: Takoma Paperhangers, Steven Breckbill
Wallpaper Selection Assistance: Bronwyn Thomas, Sue Huff Duron
Design Services: Zoe Kyriacos
Floor Sanding and Finishing: Tito Escobar
Granite Countertop: Smoaks and Son

Renovation Work